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The Sevenoaks
Work Project

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Sevenoaks at Work is a community-based project, run by local photographer and photography teacher Paul Burgess ARPS.

By showcasing and celebrating people who work for local businesses in Sevenoaks, I'm hoping to bolster the sense of pride and community spirit among residents and highlight the contributions of these individuals and groups to the town’s development and prosperity.

Sevenoaks's small shops, market traders, and small businesses add unique character and variety to the town, distinguishing it from many high streets that are dominated by generic chain stores. This uniqueness should be a source of pride for residents and should attract tourists looking for authentic local experiences.


The Sevenoaks at Work project started with "Sevenoaks Behind the Counter" a limited-scope project celebrating the small traders that make the town buzz. The reaction to the original project has been amazing, and this has inspired me to widen the scope of the project to include all aspects of work in Sevenoaks


The Kaleidoscope Gallery has offered the gallery for 3 weeks from the 15th of January 2025 until the 1st of February to exhibit the images from the project. This has given me the time and the opportunity to extend the project beyond the high street traders and to explore other facets of work life in the Sevenoaks district, including artisan craftsmen and people in the service and caring sectors, all of whom are essential elements of the town.

The "Sevenoaks at Work" exhibition in January will be the launch pad for community initiatives in 2025, focussing on the people of Sevenoaks and their unique stories.

The plan to date includes:

  • Behind the Counter show at the Anchor London Road during the Summer Festival (June 22nd onwards)

  • A dedicated website

  • Kaleidoscope Gallery exhibition in January

  • A "Sevenoaks at Work" book to accompany the exhibition

  • Community workshops/initiatives linked to the exhibition

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PHASE 1 - Sevenoaks Behind the Counter

The heart of any town is its unique collection of small shops and stalls and the people who run them. The "Sevenoaks Behind the Counter" project celbrates these amazing people and their businesses

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